Benefits of Cherries for Babies

Benefits of Cherries for Babies

Benefits of Cherries for Babies – Cherries are one of the most beneficial fruits. Behind its tiny shape, cherries have many health benefits, especially for babies. Therefore, cherries can be the right choice as a baby snack. The content in it will provide many benefits for the health and development of the baby as follows.

Benefits of Cherries for Baby’s Health and Development

1. Boost immunity

Babies are very susceptible to disease and infection. Cherries contain more beta-carotene than blueberries and strawberries. Therefore, cherries can increase the baby’s immune system, so that the body becomes stronger to fight disease.

2. Healthy skin and eyes

Cherries contain vitamins A and C which are good for baby’s health. Vitamin A will support the development of baby’s eyes, while vitamin C will nourish and make baby’s skin softer and brighter.

3. Smooth digestion

Cherries are fruits with sufficient fiber content to help smooth the baby’s digestion. So, your little one will avoid various digestive problems, including constipation that may be experienced.

4. Prevent anemia

Some babies may develop anemia due to lack of iron intake while in the womb. Well, the iron content in cherries will help prevent or relieve anemia in your little one.

5. Hydrate baby

Cherries are fruits that are two-thirds water. Giving cherries as baby food will help your little one stay hydrated, especially if your baby is drinking a little.

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6. Supports bone development

Cherries are one of the fruits that are rich in calcium content. Calcium will support the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. Thus, the baby will have strong bones and teeth later in life, Moms.

7. Help Maintain Intestinal Health

Rumsey says some research suggests that the benefits of cherries, particularly Montmorency cherries, may play a role in gut health. For example, one study found that cherry polyphenols may have a positive impact on the gut microbiome

8. Improve Skin Condition

The vitamin C in cherries can help improve skin health. On the other hand, the free radical damage that antioxidants fight throughout the body also occurs in the skin. So, intake of antioxidants that are good and right will make the body much better, from the outside and inside. This could be another benefit of cherries for health.