Benefits of Consumption of Genjer for Body Health

Benefits of Consumption of Genjer for Body Health

Benefits of Consumption of Genjer for Body Health – Genjer vegetables are not that easy to get, these vegetables are also rarely known, especially for those of you who are young today.

Among city people, vegetable genjer may still sound foreign to their ears. Usually grown on the edges of rice fields, genjer leaves are usually stir-fried with oncom and a mixture of urap. Although it is a bit bitter, many people like genjer because it tastes delicious and chewy when it is cooked with spices. Now rarely found anymore (especially in urban areas), genjer offers an unforgettable taste for every fan.

1. Believe me, eating genjer vegetables can increase your appetite, you know!

Containing many nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, fat, carbohydrates, and other nutrients, genjer can actually increase your appetite. Can be used as fresh vegetables after being boiled for a while, or used as stir-fry with oncom and leunca. Beuh, plus hot rice, eating with stir-fried genjer is an absolute pleasure that will never be forgotten.

2. It will definitely facilitate the digestive tract

In relation to digestion, consuming genjer can also prevent constipation, increase body metabolism, and stabilize sugar levels. All of these properties are the content of genjer which has high fiber and can meet the daily nutritional intake for the body.

3. Regenerate dead skin cells so that they can make you look younger

The protein and iron content in genjer has the property of replacing millions of dead skin cells in the body so that the skin will look younger. In addition, genjer also has properties to help the wound healing process in the body. The process of regenerating dead skin cells can be easily replaced when you regularly consume genjer at the right dose.

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4. It can also be used as an increase in stamina, energy and energy reserves

Because it contains a fairly high protein substance, consuming genjer can actually be useful as a source of energy in the body. Because as a source of energy, the stamina of the body will definitely increase. So indirectly consuming genjer can make your strength increase when added with other nutrients.

5. Prevent osteoporosis, strengthen teeth and bones

Not only contains protein, genjer also contains calcium and phosphorus which are useful for strengthening the resilience of teeth and bones. In relation to bone health, genjer can also help prevent osteoporosis at an early stage. You don’t want the health of your bones and teeth to decline due to a lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body?

6. Jengkol poisoning? Overcome by consuming genjer vegetables, right?

Who would have thought, consuming genjer also turned out to be able to treat jengkol poisoning, you know. Neutralizing the substances contained in jengkol, genjer is believed to be a natural medicine for those who are being poisoned by jengkol. For those who have been poisoned by jengkol, consuming genjer can be an effective way to treat it.