There Are Several Healthy Exercise Styles

There Are Several Healthy Exercise Styles

There Are Several Healthy Exercise Styles – In addition to maintaining the intake that enters the body, exercise is an important part of maintaining health. In times of a pandemic that really requires a strong immune system, artisan circles are not left behind in maintaining health. Sports activities are also considered to be positive activities that can fill the void on the sidelines of a busy life.

Tired of the same sports? Maybe you can try a sport that is being loved by Indonesian artists. Come on, take a look. Who knows, you can be healthy like them!

1. Prilly Latuconsina – Pole Dance

Pole dance is a type of gymnastics that uses a pole as the body’s support when doing gymnastic movements. In addition to slimming the body, this sport can form the body’s muscles and form a proportional posture. With a focus on the muscles of the body attached to the pole, pole dance will look very elegant and beautiful because it combines sports elements with artistic elements, namely dance and music.

So for those of you who like to dance but are bored with modern dancing, pole dancing is a sport that you can try.

2. Luna Maya – Golf

Lately, sports which are usually synonymous with sports performed by fathers of officials are now loved by many people. Yes, especially if it’s not golf! This sport is basically a race to put the ball into the holes on the field, with the least number of strokes. Since more and more people are interested, golf courses have become easier to find. No wonder the artists also try this sport, because it’s really fun.

3. Enzy Storia – Cycling

Who doesn’t like to walk around and feel the cool breeze? When you are tired of activities, maybe you can try this one sport. Yes, cycling! Many bicycle enthusiasts carry out activities in various locations, such as hills, steep terrain or just in rural and urban areas. Because it can be done anywhere, cycling is practical and fun.

Bikers also often ride bicycles in groups which will certainly add to an even more exciting activity. Not a few celebrities who love this sport,

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4. Pradikta Wicaksono – Diving

Tired of land sports, celebrities have also started looking for activities that are different from the usual sports. Like Pradikta Wicaksono who is often referred to as Dikta. The vocalist Yovie & Nuno, apart from having a golden voice, also enjoys sports activities. Dikta is pursuing this one water sport, namely diving.

You can do this water sport by visiting various beach tourist destinations in Indonesia that offer enchanting underwater views. Not only in the sea, some locations also provide places for diving in the pool, you know. The uniqueness of this sport is the main attraction for its fans. If you like water sports, this might be for you.

5. Ayudia Bingslamet – Horse riding

Who says sports only focus on body movement? You are wrong, there are sports that do not focus on body muscle movement, even using animal assistance to exercise. One of the sports is horse riding. However, this sport is believed to be able to form a proportional body and help train body balance, you know.

Oh yes, don’t be afraid, with the horse. Surely you will be guided first when starting this sport, really. Need an adrenaline rush? You can also choose equestrian sport as an option. Besides being fun, it can also burn calories as a bonus. Who doesn’t want to, huh?